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Bounce Back in Business

21st century business is characterized by rapid change and innovation. There's tremendous potential for both risk and reward. Celebrating "wins" is easy. But deep-rooted resilience is the cornerstone for bouncing back after adversity and transition. 

Resilience training, coaching, and consulting offers evidence-based pathways to deepen clarity, connection,  confidence, and cognitive functioning -- especially in times of change. 

learn how to bounce back in business

Positively Profitable

Healthy, hearty organizations don't just happen. They are nourished -- like a living organism.  The tools and teachings from applied positive psychology help leaders create a flourishing space -- an ecology -- that is so engaging, energizing, and innovative that it draws the best and brightest people into the work, so everything grows: people, passion, productivity, and profits. 

Want more business? Happier clients? Healthier workforce? 

The science of well-being is the key.

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EQ Essentials

Emotional intelligence isn't just about reading people well. It's also about cultivating the grit, grace, and growth to navigate challenging transitions -- even in a professional space. 

Adversity, transition, and grief are inevitable in community. 

A culture of connection assuages loss, assures loyalty, and is the hallmark sign of socially-emotionally intelligent leaders.

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