About Rachel E. Roth

Resilience Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Ever wonder why some people flounder while others flourish after life knocks them down? 

Resilience doesn't just happen. It is a mindset and a skillset. Resilience is built over time, often through tough transitions --- with equal parts grit and grace. 

My background is in marketing, sales & business development, as both an entrepreneur and director, in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 

I have helped organizations bounce back:

  • As a Marketing Director & Consultant, doubling the inbound leads for a $3M+ business within 2 years.
  • As a Sales & Event Director, more than doubling revenue in forty months
  • As a development professional yielding a 35+% increase in average gift amount after the great recession in 2008.

In addition to navigating tough professional transitions, I've also experienced my share of personal tragedy. This, in turn, led me to put into practice the evidence-based tips, tools, and techniques that I needed to flourish, both personally and professionally. Now, I share them with others. 

I'm currently pursuing my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. 

Associations & Memberships

International Coach Federation (ICF) 

International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

Celebrant Foundation & Institute

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Feeling discouraged, depleted, and disillusioned?

Want more clarity, confidence, and a compelling pathway forward? 

Resilience training can help.

What Guides My Work


The Science of Applied Positive Psychology

The science of applied positive psychology is the study of what is right with humanity – it is also about fostering human well-being so we can flourish as individuals and in community.

My work is about understanding how we are wired as human beings and offering evidence-based practices and principles that empower people to:

  • Experience more positive emotions
  • Engage in the world more wholeheartedly
  • Have richer relationships
  • Find greater meaning and purpose
  • Set and accomplish meaningful goals
  • Experience greater physical and emotional strength and vitality


My work is based on the model created by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya of The Flourishing Center, LLC. Emiliya adapted the well-known PERMA model of well-being created by Martin Seligman (considered one of the founders of Applied Positive Psychology). She recognized that physical well-being and VITALITY were a critical component of flourishing, and thus created the PERMA-V model of well-being. Other positive psychology practitioners may refer to this model as PERMAH, where "H" represents health. 

My approach to teaching, coaching, and supporting others starts by manifesting healthier and more integrated practices in my own life. This requires emotional honesty, growing in self-discipline, and approaching my own life with the intellectual and philosophical rigor and zest needed to helps others design a life of substance and satisfaction.

Integration also involves embracing both the beauty and complexity of our humanity... the bitter and the sweet... the broken, the bruised, and the beautiful – because life is amazing and life is hard. We need to hold these truths simultaneously to grow. 

True flourishing also means honoring the mind-body connection and implementing evidence-based practices that support whole person well-being.

I am passionate about walking alongside others who want to live wholeheartedly in their quest for greater clarity, connection, and contribution in the world.

In my career and in my life, I seek to bring together people who are equally committed to pursuing those things that are life-affirming, mind-enriching, and revitalizing.

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