Resilience @ Work

The Bounce Back Better® (B³®) System: Resilience Program

Learn evidence-based skills and strategies designed to help your team:  

- Manage transition

- Cultivate resilience

- Innovate under pressure

- Improve relationships

- Overcome overwhelm

- Increase well-being 

- Gain clarity and confidence 

* Bounce Back Better® is a registered trademark of The Flourishing Center® and was designed by a leading voice in the positive psychology movement, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya of The Flourishing Center LLC®

Resilience Coaching & Consulting

Resilience coaching and consulting provides the insight, accountability, and support that leaders need to navigate tough transitions. 

With proven tools, tips, and techniques you can: 

  • Enhance decision-making
  • Accelerate innovation 
  • Increase personal influence
  • Improve time management 
  • Enhance team effectiveness
  • Enrich relationships
  • Increase clarity & confidence
  • Foster inspiration & creative problem-solving
  • Discover fresh perspectives on personal and professional challenges
  • Alchemize adversity
  • Lead transformational transitions
  • Unify your team

Grief Relief

See EQ essentials for how to build a socially-emotionally intelligent ecology for employee well-being. 

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